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Join the Roomlala adventure !

Here at Roomlala we like to share, laugh and eat well!

We are a team of around fifteen young and motivated people. We are proud to be a high-spirited group that supports the ideas of everyone involved.

Everyone's ideas are discussed!

“At Roomlala we enjoy working together. The constant dialogue and the openness of the environment fosters a good atmosphere at the heart of the team.”
Emilie / CMO

“Roomlala: it's the perfect start up. With ambition, challenges, energy and good spirit it's the perfect work environment!”
Vincent / COO

“It is a pleasure to work at Roomlala. All ideas are taken into account, even those of interns and entry level employees!”
Fanny / Communications Manager'

We have been labelled "Happy Startup" & "Happy Trainees" !

« Motivating », « Team Spirit », « Solidarity », « Optimal work experience » were the aspects which Roomlala employees most emphasised in a questionnaire in September 2014.

100% of employees asked were « proud » to work for us;
96.3% said they enjoyed coming to work every morning;
Roomlala has an 85.8% favourable rating among users!


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