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Brisbane student life

Moving to Brisbane as a student

Published 08/01/17 | Students | Tips for Students

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia’s ‘Sunshine State’. The year-round pleasant climate makes Brisbane an attractive place to live for Aussies and foreigners alike; around a quarter of the city’s residents were born abroad, with...

Ottawa student areas

Where to live when you're a student in Ottawa

Published 07/25/17 | Students | Tips for Students

The Canadian capital might not get as much attention as its flashier older siblings Montreal and Toronto, but Ottawa is a brilliant city in its own right. With top level universities such as the University of Ottawa and Carlton University, there’s...

Moving to Southampton as a student

Published 06/28/17 | Students | Tips for Students

Southampton is one of the great British port towns on the south coast and welcomes an impressive number of students each year. Students coming to study at the University of Southampton or Southampton Solent University all have a great time getting...

Moving to Perth as a student

Published 06/16/17 | Students | Tips for Students

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and is about as close to Bali as the big cities on the East Coast of Australia. Home to universities such as the University of Western Australia and the lead campus of University of Notre Dame, Perth is a...

Moving to Sheffield as a student

Published 05/10/17 | Students | Tips for Students

Sheffield is a Northern city with its heart in steel production, but in the 21st century there’s a lot more to it than that. Students coming to study in Sheffield at the University of Sheffield or Sheffield Hallam University all have a great time...

Moving to Christchurch as a student

Published 04/21/17 | Students | Tips for Students

Christchurch is often considered the gateway to the South Island, but the city has more than enough to offer right on your doorstep. Students coming to study in Christchurch at one of the universities, colleges or higher education schools will be...

The 8 Types of Student Accommodation

Published 02/06/17 | Students | Tips for Students

As a student, do you know all the accommodation options available to you? Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. To help you wade through the saturated market, Roomlala has compiled a list to break down the different types of...

5 Tips for Having a Cosy Student Room

Published 10/10/16 | Students | Tips for Students

When hearing the words "student room", you automatically think of a small cramped space. However small your student room may be, there are tips on how to make it cosier and less cramped. Read on to learn more. Tip 1: Choose a duvet cover that...

Tips for Finding Student Accommodation

Published 09/09/15 | Students | Tips for Students

June and July are not too early to start getting ready to go back to uni. According to the Guardian, 80% of students move away from home to go to university. With the time to go back to university fast approaching, many students are still struggling...

6 Tips to Help Students Save Money

Published 09/02/15 | Students | Tips for Students

Going back to, or starting University is expensive and the number of students is going up every year. To help you to tackle the cost here are some tips for financing your studies and to help you kick start your university year. Renting Out Your...

Finding a Summer Job

Published 06/29/15 | Students | Tips for Students

The arrival of the summer holiday marks the end of the academic year and the beginning of a lot of free time for you as a student. With all this free time, it makes sense that a lot of students seek to find a source of income, especially since the...


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