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Maison Typique San Francisco

Entire place | Flat | 120 M2

5 people | 2 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Air conditioner | Heating | Internet
$ 2737 / mois
Entire Place Sf 201660-1Entire Place Sf 201660-2Entire Place Sf 201660-3Entire Place Sf 201660-4Entire Place Sf 201660-5Entire Place Sf 201660-6

Appartement Comfortable, Parking

Entire place | Flat | 50 M2

5 people | 1 bedrooms) - 1 lit(s) simple(s), 2 lit(s) double(s)
Towels | Sheets | Heating | Internet
$ 2842 / mois

About San Francisco

Would you like to find furnished flats to rent in San Francisco? Roomlala makes your life easier and helps you find flats to rent in San Francisco with a wide selection of furnished accommodation ads: furnished student rentals, furnished houses, furnished studios or furnished flats to rent in San Francisco.
It is sometimes easy to get lost among the many technical terms that define furnished flats to rent. To help you see more clearly, know that in a furnished studio in San Francisco, also called a furnished studio flat in San Francisco, your furnished rental consists of a main room with a separate bathroom and a kitchen. A furnished open studio flat in San Francisco, or a furnished open studio apartment in San Francisco, comprises a main room, generally quite large and divided into two parts (living room with kitchenette or a bedroom and a separate bathroom for example). Finally in your furnished apartment in San Francisco, if you have 2 rooms in addition to a bathroom and kitchen, it is then a furnished one bedroom flat , 3 rooms then a furnished two bedroom apartment , 4 rooms then a 3 bedroom house and so on.
As everywhere in the United-states, the furnished rental in San Francisco must meet a specific regulation. Thus, a furnished apartment must systematically provide the mandatory equipment defined by law: a bed with a duvet or blanket, a window with blackout curtains or shutters in the bedroom, a stove, a table and chairs, etc..
In order to finally move into your furnished rental in San Francisco, you need to sign a furnished lease to protect yourself and your rights as a tenant. The standard term of a furnished rental lease is one year. However, if you are moving to San Francisco during your studies, you can also opt for a furnished rental lease for students, reducing the duration to 9 months. Ideal for your academic year!
Roomlala is your ally to help you find the furnished apartment of your dreams in San Francisco, whether for the average duration or long duration (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, one year ...). The owners offering a furnished accommodation in San Francisco will be pleased to receive your rental request and to exchange with you in the event of you renting a private apartment.