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Damages covered
up to €1,500,000

All participants
benefit from the agreement

Peace of mind
for both the tenants and the landlords

We want the Roomlala community to benefit from optimum protection, which is why Roomlala has developed a specific insurance for the peer-to-peer house sharing industry.
Every reservation made on Roomlala will automatically be covered against potential damages the tenant (or someone accompanying them) could cause to the rented accommodation.

What's covered by Roomlala's insurance?

Cancellation of trip
In case of a cancellation by the landlord, the tenant will be reimbursed the full amount that they paid online. In the case of a cancellation by the tenant, the landlord will be compensated by an amount based on the time of the cancellation by the tenant before the initial planned date of arrival.

Personal liability insurance
This insurance covers damage to property or personal injury as a result of the tenant or tenants of the rented accommodation.

In the case of an accident, please contact our customer service!

Open from 9.30am to 5.30pm (GMT+1) - Mon-Fri
You contact us at + 33 (0)9 75 18 76 21 or by email at contact@roomlala.com

The guarantees are valid for the reservation period indicated on the reservation confirmation, with a maximum length of 90 consecutive days.

Insurance policy
Personal Liability Insurance

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