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What is the Cost of Renting a Room from a Resident Landlord in England and Wales?


Rent prices in England and Wales continue to soar. With no indication that this trend will slow down anytime soon, more and more students are turning towards renting rooms from resident landlords.

But how much does it cost? Roomlala has published the cost of living with a resident landlord in England and Wales .

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The student housing race: homestays to help with the lack of housing


Finding accommodation for the new year is becoming a greater and greater challenge for students every year. If new social housing for students is introduced, it still wouldn’t be enough to accommodate for everyone.

In the bid for student housing, turn to an alternative solution: renting a room in someone’s house.

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Roomlala’s Testimonials

Roomlala helped me so much! For 4 or 5 years, I have rented a room out now and it has worked so well. When my personal situation changed, I found myself in an apartment that was too big for just me and my son, so I rented out a simple student room, with a small bed, mainly for the school year. I always found students from all over the place, even abroad, and have never not been able to find someone. It would be a shame to hesitate putting an ad on Roomlala as it’s so simple! Even I am not a big fan of the internet, but still managed to put my advert up with pictures- it's a great service!


I live in a house, and when my two boys left home, I wanted to rent their rooms. Today, I have one student staying one week a month, and another who sleeps here every Wednesday night. This flexibility suits me so well.


I chose Roomlala for its simplicity as well as because of the detail. Beyond the description of the rooms, there is a detailed user profile that is part of the confidence system set up by Roomlala. It was great for me, as I love to meet new people and want them see how I live too. I have had such a range of people from young people and students, to retired people, and it's great as I am able to share my knowledge of London with people who are new to it.


I registered on Roomlala as I wanted to meet people, from any country, and any background. I like how we always have people around the house- this is important for us and the children, as we like to have a busy home! We had Daniel for several months and he even celebrated Christmas with us- the children were very close to him, so we kept in touch.


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Roomlala Key Dates & Figures

1.3 million

2.3 million
conversations started

more than 40,000 adverts
all around the world

more than 40 countries
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3 month rentals
on average

Benefits of Premium
10 times more likely to find a rental
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