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Private Room Anderlecht 233779-1Private Room Anderlecht 233779-2Private Room Anderlecht 233779-3Private Room Anderlecht 233779-4Private Room Anderlecht 233779-5Private Room Anderlecht 233779-6Private Room Anderlecht 233779-7Private Room Anderlecht 233779-8Private Room Anderlecht 233779-9

Beautiful Room Of 23m2 On Brussels (15 Min From The Center)

$33 /night
$274 /week
$765 /month

Private room | Anderlecht (1070) | 23 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

the room is spacious and pleasant for a student on an internship or a young worker. This is on the top floor of our family home.

Private Room Anderlecht 255629-1Private Room Anderlecht 255629-2Private Room Anderlecht 255629-3Private Room Anderlecht 255629-4Private Room Anderlecht 255629-5Private Room Anderlecht 255629-6Private Room Anderlecht 255629-7

Cosy Room In Brussels (close To Erasme)

$42 /night
$295 /week
$657 /month

Private room | Anderlecht (1070) | 16 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Anderlecht 247441-1Private Room Anderlecht 247441-2

Tranquility & Confidence

$20 /night
$140 /week
$569 /month

Private room | Anderlecht (1070) | 80 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Preference: Young Girl Or Mature Woman. Well Equipped Apartment With Garage And Private Parking, On The Ground Floor, Surrounded By Lawn, Woods, Parks And Lakes. Easy Access To The Shopping Center And The Highway. My Cats 🐱 Are Discreet But Remain My Priority And Share My Accommodation. Enemy Or Allergic To Felines, Refrain! Neat Freak. Everything Is Clean And Must Remain So. Equipment Provided: You Do Not Need To Bring Sheets And Bath Towels, Except Food.

Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-1Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-2Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-3Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-4Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-5Flatshare Anderlecht 158171-6

Room For Rent In Anderlecht Opposite Saint Guidon Metro

$16 /night
$117 /week
$525 /month

Flatshare | Anderlecht (1070) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

Shared Apartment At 480€, For Calm And Non-smoking People. No Direct Debit Possible. For Student, Internship.

Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-1Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-2Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-3Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-4Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-5Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-6Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-7Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-8Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-9Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-10Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-11Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-12Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 233394-13

Studio Chez L'habitant For Rent In Brussels With Toilet

$31 /night
$217 /week
$930 /month

Private room | Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (1080) | 20 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Beautiful Studio, Completely Renovated In 2021 With One Bedroom Including: A 1m60 Sofa Bed For 2 People, New Kitchen, Fridge, Double Hotplates, Microwave Grill, Electric Kettle, Crockery,... Office Area, Flat Screen Television. A Private Bathroom With A Shower And A Toilet. This Studio Is An Integral Part Of A Large Apartment Of 140 M2. We Share The Same Apartment Entrance.


5 (2)

Flatshare Uccle 253430-1Flatshare Uccle 253430-2Flatshare Uccle 253430-3Flatshare Uccle 253430-4Flatshare Uccle 253430-5Flatshare Uccle 253430-6Flatshare Uccle 253430-7Flatshare Uccle 253430-8Flatshare Uccle 253430-9Flatshare Uccle 253430-10Flatshare Uccle 253430-11Flatshare Uccle 253430-12Flatshare Uccle 253430-13Flatshare Uccle 253430-14Flatshare Uccle 253430-15Flatshare Uccle 253430-16

(v) Bedroom In A Beautiful Newly Renovated House

$38 /night
$263 /week
$580 /month

Flatshare | Uccle (1180) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Spacious And Bright House To Share.

Private Room Uccle 262668-1Private Room Uccle 262668-2Private Room Uccle 262668-3Private Room Uccle 262668-4Private Room Uccle 262668-5Private Room Uccle 262668-6Private Room Uccle 262668-7Private Room Uccle 262668-8

Green Room & Patio

$75 /night
$416 /week
$940 /month

Private room | Uccle (1180) | 50 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Very Nice Room With Private Shower Room Ideal For A Young Person Or A Single Person This Shared Accommodation Is Inhabited By The Owner Who Will Be Discreet During Your Stay. Breakfast: 15 Eur Organic Home Made Menu: Starter-Main Course-Dessert: 25 Eur Body Care: A La Carte. Fitness: 10 Eur/h LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Entire Place Uccle 255561-1Entire Place Uccle 255561-2Entire Place Uccle 255561-3Entire Place Uccle 255561-4Entire Place Uccle 255561-5Entire Place Uccle 255561-6Entire Place Uccle 255561-7Entire Place Uccle 255561-8Entire Place Uccle 255561-9Entire Place Uccle 255561-10Entire Place Uccle 255561-11

The Green House

$65 /night
$458 /week
$2134 /month

Entire place | Uccle (1180) | 90 M2

3 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Ideal For A Young Couple Without Children Or Liberal Profession Or Roommate Possible. In The Beautiful Districts Of Uccle, Beautiful Apartment On The Ground Floor Fully Furnished With Its Parental Suite In Flexiblex As Well As A Second Bedroom Or TV Lounge. All Completely Renovated, Comfortable, Spacious And Very Well Equipped. Front And Rear Gardens. Quiet And Green Area. Very Well Served.


5 (1)

Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-1Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-2Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-3Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-4Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-5Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-6Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-7Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 143869-8

Room With Private Bathroom

$71 /night
$432 /week
$930 /month

Private room | Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (1080) | 25 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Ixelles 262564-1Private Room Ixelles 262564-2Private Room Ixelles 262564-3Private Room Ixelles 262564-4Private Room Ixelles 262564-5Private Room Ixelles 262564-6Private Room Ixelles 262564-7Private Room Ixelles 262564-8Private Room Ixelles 262564-9Private Room Ixelles 262564-10Private Room Ixelles 262564-11

Apartment Overlooking The Trees

$18 /night
$127 /week
$580 /month

Private room | Ixelles (1050) | 18 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Quiet Apartment Overlooking The Park Of The Solvay House With A Large Bedroom In A Modernist Style Building, With Art Deco Elements, Built For The Société Des Pavillons Français, By The Architect Marcel Peeters, 1935. There Is A Living Room A Bathroom, Toilets And A Balcony At The Back Of The Kitchen To Be Shared; This Is A Roommate For An Adventurer Passing Through Brussels For A Few Months. I Am A Photo-novel Director And Sound Designer.

Private Room Ganshoren 244785-1Private Room Ganshoren 244785-2Private Room Ganshoren 244785-3Private Room Ganshoren 244785-4Private Room Ganshoren 244785-5Private Room Ganshoren 244785-6Private Room Ganshoren 244785-7Private Room Ganshoren 244785-8Private Room Ganshoren 244785-9Private Room Ganshoren 244785-10Private Room Ganshoren 244785-11

Bright And Cosy Studio For Rent Brussels

$55 /night
$536 /week
$1091 /month

Private room | Ganshoren (1083) | 30 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Very cosy studio. Very bright. Equipped kitchen and a small garden. Located in a street with trees. Near the Elisabeth Park. Public transport is nearby as well as stores. The center of Brussels is at 15 minutes and for the freeway, it is at 5 minutes.

Flatshare Jette 101379-1Flatshare Jette 101379-2Flatshare Jette 101379-3Flatshare Jette 101379-4Flatshare Jette 101379-5Flatshare Jette 101379-6Flatshare Jette 101379-7Flatshare Jette 101379-8Flatshare Jette 101379-9Flatshare Jette 101379-10Flatshare Jette 101379-11Flatshare Jette 101379-12

Shared Room In A Single-family House

$13 /night
$95 /week
$460 /month

Flatshare | Jette (1090) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

It Is Not A Simple Room That You Rent Here At Home But The Opportunity To Meet A Welcoming And Open Family We Are Here To Help You If Necessary, Get To Know You, Share Meals… Live Together So Welcome


5 (4)

Flatshare Saint-Gilles 262497-1Flatshare Saint-Gilles 262497-2Flatshare Saint-Gilles 262497-3Flatshare Saint-Gilles 262497-4Flatshare Saint-Gilles 262497-5

Furnished Room In Super Nice Shared Apartment

$30 /night
$207 /week
$875 /month

Flatshare | Saint-Gilles | 20 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Furnished Room In The Attic Available From January 1, 2023, Equipped With A Comfortable 120 Wide Bed And A Desk As Well As A Large Chest Of Drawers. Super Friendly Roommates In A Pleasant And Family Atmosphere.

Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-1Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-2Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-3Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-4Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-5Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-6Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-7Flatshare Saint-Gilles 256603-8

Rooms (5) Shared Apartment With Two Sanitary Areas

$23 /night
$165 /week
$875 /month

Flatshare | Saint-Gilles (1060) | 170 M2

5 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 4 double bed(s)

Superb quiet and respectful roommate

Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-1Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-2Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-3Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-4Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-5Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-6Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-7Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-8Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-9Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-10Private Room Molenbeek-Saint-Jean 258846-11

Room For Rent In Large Luxury Apartment

$82 /night
$383 /week
$821 /month

Private room | Molenbeek-Saint-Jean (1080) | 18 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Beautiful Bedroom With Double Bed (1m60), With Dressing Room, Desk And Private Terrace For Rent In A Large Luxury Apartment On The 8th Floor. Private Shower Room. Very Nice View Of The City. Smokers Accepted But Only On The Terrace, No Smoking In The Apartment. Public Transport In Front Of The Building. Access To The City Center In 15 Minutes. Access To The Ceria Campus In Less Than 20 Minutes.

Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-1Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-2Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-3Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-4Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-5Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-6Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-7Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-8Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-9Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-10Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-11Entire Place Anderlecht 255932-12

Stylists Apartment

$252 /night
$1532 /week
$2735 /month

Entire place | Anderlecht (1070) | 140 M2

6 pers. | 3 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Magnificent 3 Bedroom Apartment Decorated By A Stylist. Completely Equipped For Short Or Long Stays, It Is 5min Walk From The Largest Train Station In Brussels And 15min Walk From The City Centers. It Is Composed Of 3 Bedrooms 2 Showers 2 Toilets A Large Dining Room, A Cozy Tv Corner And An American Kitchen. Completely Equipped In Hotel Mode, You Will Find All Your Comfort There. Beautiful And Large Rear Terrace. 2 To 4 Children

Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-1Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-2Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-3Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-4Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-5Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-6Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-7Private Room Saint-Gilles 261193-8

Fully Furnished Rooms In Large Maison De Maitre

$22 /night
$153 /week
$657 /month

Private room | Saint-Gilles (1060)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Girls Only

Private Room Uccle 262667-1Private Room Uccle 262667-2Private Room Uccle 262667-3Private Room Uccle 262667-4Private Room Uccle 262667-5Private Room Uccle 262667-6Private Room Uccle 262667-7Private Room Uccle 262667-8Private Room Uccle 262667-9Private Room Uccle 262667-10Private Room Uccle 262667-11

Green House Suite

$108 /night
$525 /week
$1312 /month

Private room | Uccle (1180) | 60 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 2 sofa(s) bed(s)

Ideal For A Young Couple, The Green House Suite Is A Beautiful Flexible Room With Its SPA. This Shared Accommodation Is Inhabited By The Owner (myself) Who Will Be Discreet During Your Stay. Breakfast: 15 Eur Organic Home Made Menu: Starter-Main Course-Dessert: 25 Eur Body Care: A La Carte. Fitness: 10 Eur/h LGBTQIA+ Friendly