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Nord-du-Québec : 18 homestays for rent

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Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-1Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-2Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-3Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-4Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-5Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-6Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-7Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-8Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-9Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-10Entire Place Saint-Félicien 131660-11

Estate On A Beach

$111 /night
$709 /week
$1916 /month

Entire place | Saint-Félicien | 130 M2

6 pers. | 2 room(s)

You Will Stay In An Apartment On The First Floor With A Superb View Of The Beach And Lake St Jean. You Will Be Close To All The Tourist Attractions Of The Region. We Have High Speed Internet With Fiber Optics For Free. Satellite TV. The Equipment Is Complete. Bedding, Towel, BBQ, Dishwasher Everything. A Small Chicken Coop To Enjoy Fresh Eggs. In August Self-picking Of Blueberries Nearby And A Multifunctional Trail To Walk. We Live On Site

Entire Place Alma 263858-1Entire Place Alma 263858-2Entire Place Alma 263858-3Entire Place Alma 263858-4Entire Place Alma 263858-5Entire Place Alma 263858-6Entire Place Alma 263858-7Entire Place Alma 263858-8Entire Place Alma 263858-9Entire Place Alma 263858-10Entire Place Alma 263858-11Entire Place Alma 263858-12Entire Place Alma 263858-13Entire Place Alma 263858-14


$74 /night
$516 /week
$2202 /month

Entire place | Alma (G8B 1A9) | 100 M2

2 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Located in the boreal forest.the cottage is without electricity or running water but there is a generator with remote start.and heating with wood stove.for water I supply it in 20 liters.everything is functional.moreover a lot of hiking trail and snowshoe trails. With a small lake behind the cottage for trout fishing.peaceful setting.with full bathroom. Toilet and shower.the chalet is located 40 km from alma lac st-jean in the municipality of lamarche.

Flatshare Saguenay 230294-1Flatshare Saguenay 230294-2Flatshare Saguenay 230294-3Flatshare Saguenay 230294-4Flatshare Saguenay 230294-5Flatshare Saguenay 230294-6Flatshare Saguenay 230294-7Flatshare Saguenay 230294-8Flatshare Saguenay 230294-9

Uqac Chicoutimi University Room

$11 /night
$80 /week
$364 /month

Flatshare | Saguenay (G7H 2R1) | 100 SQFT

10 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Rental Of Several Student Roommates Of 4,5,6,7,8 Or 10 Students

Flatshare Saguenay 250844-1Flatshare Saguenay 250844-2Flatshare Saguenay 250844-3Flatshare Saguenay 250844-4

Several Rooms In Colloquium University Students Near

$19 /night
$115 /week
$345 /month

Flatshare | Saguenay (G7H 2R1)

6 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Several Roommates For Student Only Loan From Uqac University And Cégep De Chicoutimi

Entire Place Québec 70377-1Entire Place Québec 70377-2Entire Place Québec 70377-3Entire Place Québec 70377-4Entire Place Québec 70377-5Entire Place Québec 70377-6Entire Place Québec 70377-7Entire Place Québec 70377-8Entire Place Québec 70377-9Entire Place Québec 70377-10Entire Place Québec 70377-11Entire Place Québec 70377-12

Short Term Cottages - Near Bay

$192 /night
$920 /week
$1219 /month

Entire place | Québec

2 pers. | 2 room(s)

Entire Place Franquelin 68922-1Entire Place Franquelin 68922-2Entire Place Franquelin 68922-3Entire Place Franquelin 68922-4Entire Place Franquelin 68922-5Entire Place Franquelin 68922-6Entire Place Franquelin 68922-7Entire Place Franquelin 68922-8Entire Place Franquelin 68922-9Entire Place Franquelin 68922-10Entire Place Franquelin 68922-11Entire Place Franquelin 68922-12

Cottages For Rent - Panoramic View

$114 /night
$651 /week
$728 /month

Entire place | Franquelin (G0H 1E0)

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

Private Room Rimouski 186903-1Private Room Rimouski 186903-2Private Room Rimouski 186903-3Private Room Rimouski 186903-4Private Room Rimouski 186903-5Private Room Rimouski 186903-6

Beautiful Renovated Rooms - Downtown

$8 /night
$59 /week
$253 /month

Private room | Rimouski (G5L 3A6)

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

5 (1)
Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-1Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-2Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-3Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-4Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-5Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-6Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-7Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-8Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-9Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-10Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-11Private Room Saint-Fabien 59870-12

Equipped Room Bic National Park

$91 /night
$638 /week
$2736 /month

Private room | Saint-Fabien (G0L 2Z0)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-1Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-2Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-3Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-4Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-5Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-6Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-7Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-8Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-9Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-10Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-11Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-12Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-13Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-14Entire Place Saint-Ulric 266231-15

At The River's Edge

$115 /night
$613 /week
$1418 /month

Entire place | Saint-Ulric (G0J 3H0)

5 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Write to me for personalized reservations Accommodation located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River with 2 bedrooms with a sofa bed that can accommodate a total of 5 people. You have everything at your disposal for a pleasant stay, you have the luxury of a hotel with more space. Ideal for workers because located 10 minutes from downtown Matane.

Private Room Cacouna 241144-1Private Room Cacouna 241144-2Private Room Cacouna 241144-3Private Room Cacouna 241144-4Private Room Cacouna 241144-5

Room To Rent

$33 /night
$198 /week
$551 /month

Private room | Cacouna (G0L 1G0)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-1Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-2Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-3Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-4Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-5Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-6Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-7Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-8Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-9Private Room Saint-Éloi 265491-10

Rest At The Song Of The Locust - Quilt And Coffee

$73 /night
$483 /week
$1609 /month

Private room | Saint-Éloi (G0L 2V0) | 16 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Have You Been Driving And Sightseeing All Day? It's Time For A Well-deserved Rest! We Offer You A Very Comfortable Room With All The Amenities: Orthopedic Bamboo Mattress, Superior Quality Bedding, Water Space In Your Room, Bath Towels And Shower Accessories, Renovated Bathroom, Homemade Breakfast, Etc. And All This Just One Minute From Highway 20! She Is Just Waiting For You!

Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-1Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-2Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-3Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-4Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-5Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-6Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-7Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-8Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-9Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-10Private Room Saint-Éloi 265494-11

The Sweet Cat's Room - Quilt And Coffee

$73 /night
$483 /week
$1609 /month

Private room | Saint-Éloi (G0L 2V0) | 14 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

You Won't Want To Leave The Charm Of This Unique Space. Located In The Heart Of The Countryside, The Maison Du Petit Rang Offers You Exquisite Tranquility For A Well-deserved Rest. From Your Room, You Will Have A Front Row Seat To Watch The Most Beautiful Sunsets. What More Could You Ask For After A Busy Day Of Activities! The Bedroom Of Sweet Rest Is Waiting For You!

Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-1Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-2Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-3Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-4Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-5Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-6Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-7Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-8Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-9Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-10Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-11Entire Place Saint-Éloi 234364-12

The Small Row House

$98 /night
$651 /week
$2452 /month

Entire place | Saint-Éloi (G0L 2V0) | 1 M2

8 pers. | 4 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Beautiful Century-old House In The Heart Of Bas St-Laurent. You Will Experience The Authenticity Of An Agricultural Space With A Spectacular View Of The River And Its Sunsets. In The Village Of St-Éloi, You Are At The Center Of Everything! Municipal Beach, National Parks, Bike Path, Hiking Trail, Whale Watching, Local Products, Golf, Etc. You Will Be Spoiled For Choice To Occupy Your Days And A Cozy Nest For A Well-deserved Rest! Rated 3 Stars.

Private Room Québec 45183-1Private Room Québec 45183-2Private Room Québec 45183-3

Rooms Or Camp For Rent

$27 /night
$77 /week
$383 /month

Private room | Québec

4 pers. | 1 room(s)

Private Room Témiscouata-Sur-Le-Lac 119547-1Private Room Témiscouata-Sur-Le-Lac 119547-2Private Room Témiscouata-Sur-Le-Lac 119547-3Private Room Témiscouata-Sur-Le-Lac 119547-4

Comfortable And Nicely Decorated Room

$68 /night
$460 /week
$1970 /month

Private room | Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac

4 pers. | 1 room(s)

Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-1Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-2Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-3Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-4Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-5Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-6Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-7Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-8Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-9Entire Place Sainte-Thècle 262742-10

House Close To Services; 5 Bedrooms; Sports

$199 /night
$1234 /week
$4292 /month

Entire place | Sainte-Thècle (G0X 3G0)

10 pers. | 5 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Private Room Shannon 265127-1Private Room Shannon 265127-2Private Room Shannon 265127-3Private Room Shannon 265127-4

2 Bedrooms For Rent

$46 /night
$192 /week
$422 /month

Private room | Shannon (G0A 4N0) | 10 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 double bed(s)

2 Bedrooms With 1 Queen Bed Each Private Lounge With Television And Internet Possibility Of Using The Swimming Pool And Possibility Of Doing Water Sports, Kayaking, Fishing Etc. The Land Is Located On The Edge Of The Jacques Cartier River

5 (1)
Flatshare Québec 260707-1Flatshare Québec 260707-2Flatshare Québec 260707-3Flatshare Québec 260707-4Flatshare Québec 260707-5Flatshare Québec 260707-6Flatshare Québec 260707-7Flatshare Québec 260707-8Flatshare Québec 260707-9Flatshare Québec 260707-10Flatshare Québec 260707-11Flatshare Québec 260707-12

3 Large Single Bedrooms For Rent Quebec City

$31 /night
$218 /week
$826 /month

Flatshare | Québec (G2L 1C2) | 18 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 4 double bed(s)

Go See My Ad To Write To Me Or Call Me Directly And I Will Answer You ONLINE. Hurry Because Neighborhood In High Demand Near The Center Of Qc And The Universities And CEGEPs. The 3 Large Bedrooms For Rent Are Available Now ALL INCLUSIVE Furnished Bed-somier-mattress-double. All Charges Included: Hot Water, Dryer, Washer, Free High-speed Internet, Heating, Very Large Kitchen Ground Floor.

Jean Pierre