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Flatshare Perpignan 163397-1Flatshare Perpignan 163397-2Flatshare Perpignan 163397-3Flatshare Perpignan 163397-4

Large Modern F5 Perpignan Center

$15 /night
$111 /week
$476 /month

Flatshare | Perpignan (66100) | 15 M2

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Private Room Perpignan  36161-1Private Room Perpignan  36161-2Private Room Perpignan  36161-3

Room For Rent

$15 /night
$111 /week
$387 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66 000) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Room In Quiet Area With Free Parking. A Single Bed, Chest Of Drawers, Desk, Air Conditioning, Television, High Speed Internet Access. Shared Bathroom And Kitchen. Ideal For Student.


5 (1)

Private Room Perpignan 94089-1Private Room Perpignan 94089-2Private Room Perpignan 94089-3Private Room Perpignan 94089-4Private Room Perpignan 94089-5Private Room Perpignan 94089-6Private Room Perpignan 94089-7Private Room Perpignan 94089-8Private Room Perpignan 94089-9Private Room Perpignan 94089-10Private Room Perpignan 94089-11

Room For Rent Homestay, Very Well Placed, Station, Center

$23 /night
$172 /week
$421 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66000) | 15 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)


5 (1)

Private Room Pia 84246-1Private Room Pia 84246-2

Room For Rent

$15 /night
$111 /week
$387 /month

Private room | Pia (66380)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Perpignan 256192-1Private Room Perpignan 256192-2Private Room Perpignan 256192-3Private Room Perpignan 256192-4Private Room Perpignan 256192-5Private Room Perpignan 256192-6

Small Homestay Room Near Train Station

$39 /night
$221 /week
$498 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66000) | 9 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Le Barcarès 262263-1Entire Place Le Barcarès 262263-2Entire Place Le Barcarès 262263-3

Mezzanine Studio Sea View

$39 /night
$271 /week
$498 /month

Entire place | Le Barcarès (66420) | 26 M2

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

Rent Studio Mezzanine Sea View Comfortable 3 People Direct Sea Access 150 M By The Garden Of The Residence Sector Large Beach Car Park Very Lively Seaside Resort Both Winter Large Christmas Village And Summer Festival Festivities


5 (1)

Flatshare Perpignan 256999-1Flatshare Perpignan 256999-2Flatshare Perpignan 256999-3Flatshare Perpignan 256999-4Flatshare Perpignan 256999-5Flatshare Perpignan 256999-6Flatshare Perpignan 256999-7

Room In Shared Apartment Of 3, 2 People Already Present

$11 /night
$82 /week
$354 /month

Flatshare | Perpignan (66000)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Private Room Perpignan 5781-1Private Room Perpignan 5781-2Private Room Perpignan 5781-3Private Room Perpignan 5781-4Private Room Perpignan 5781-5Private Room Perpignan 5781-6Private Room Perpignan 5781-7Private Room Perpignan 5781-8Private Room Perpignan 5781-9Private Room Perpignan 5781-10Private Room Perpignan 5781-11Private Room Perpignan 5781-12Private Room Perpignan 5781-13Private Room Perpignan 5781-14Private Room Perpignan 5781-15Private Room Perpignan 5781-16Private Room Perpignan 5781-17Private Room Perpignan 5781-18

Perpignan Student Nice Room City Center

$30 /night
$277 /week
$398 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66000) | 14 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Large Apartment, Beautiful Volumes, Very Sunny. Three Bedrooms Including One Occupied By Anne Owner And 2 Bedrooms Currently One Is Occupied By A Young Kine (student Or Young Employee) These Are Large Rooms Overlooking Gardens, In A Pretty Quiet Street In The City Center Of Perpignan A Bus Stop In Front Of The House For The University. (useful Info Pay Attention To The Sectors In Perpignan During Your Research Because Some Are To Be Avoided.)


4.8 (5)

Flatshare Perpignan 258117-1Flatshare Perpignan 258117-2Flatshare Perpignan 258117-3Flatshare Perpignan 258117-4Flatshare Perpignan 258117-5

Room (coloc.) 15 Mns (west) From The Station

$22 /night
$133 /week
$354 /month

Flatshare | Perpignan (66000) | 10 M2

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

Room 15 minutes from the sea and the fac.situé next to a super dilapidated U. appartement.

Flatshare Perpignan 251264-1Flatshare Perpignan 251264-2Flatshare Perpignan 251264-3Flatshare Perpignan 251264-4Flatshare Perpignan 251264-5Flatshare Perpignan 251264-6

Room In Shared Apartment For 3 People, 2 Already Present

$11 /night
$77 /week
$354 /month

Flatshare | Perpignan (66000) | 70 M2

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Flatshare Perpignan 263214-1Flatshare Perpignan 263214-2Flatshare Perpignan 263214-3Flatshare Perpignan 263214-4

Room In Roommate Perpignan South

$44 /night
$166 /week
$465 /month

Flatshare | Perpignan (66000) | 12 M2

5 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Perpignan 263445-1Private Room Perpignan 263445-2Private Room Perpignan 263445-3Private Room Perpignan 263445-4Private Room Perpignan 263445-5Private Room Perpignan 263445-6Private Room Perpignan 263445-7Private Room Perpignan 263445-8Private Room Perpignan 263445-9

Room At The Inhabitant's

$28 /night
$133 /week
$332 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66000) | 11 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

Neighborhood very close to the train station, all shops (Lidl) and others, quiet, 20 minutes walk from the historic center, bus all directions to Perpignan and other places in the Pyrenees Orientales


5 (1)

Entire Place Leucate 162127-1Entire Place Leucate 162127-2Entire Place Leucate 162127-3Entire Place Leucate 162127-4

T2 Seaside, All Comfort This Appt Is Class Without Surp

$91 /night
$421 /week
$631 /month

Entire place | Leucate (11370) | 40 M2

5 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 2 sofa(s) bed(s)

The EDF Contract Must Be In The Name Of The Tenant When It Is A Long-term Rental.

Marie France
Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-1Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-2Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-3Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-4Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-5Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-6Private Room Saint-Laurent-De-La-Salanque 243961-7

Rental Room / Night Or Temporary In House Near

$28 /night
$277 /week
$1107 /month

Private room | Saint-Laurent-de-la-Salanque (66250)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

I Propose A Room Of 10 M² For Seasonal Rental (WE/week), Business Trip.../ 25€ Per Night. The House Is Simple And Bright. It Is In A Quiet Subdivision And Is Located 5 Km From Barcarés Beach. Possibility Of Parking In The Courtyard. Feel Free To Contact Me For More Information. Cordially Beatrice


5 (1)

Flatshare Collioure 262269-1Flatshare Collioure 262269-2Flatshare Collioure 262269-3Flatshare Collioure 262269-4Flatshare Collioure 262269-5

Apartment Well Placed On Collioure

$15 /night
$108 /week
$443 /month

Flatshare | Collioure (66190) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

As Part Of This Joint Tenancy, I Am The Main Tenant. The Roommate Has The Room, Furnished With Bbox Television I Share The Living Room (during The Day), The Bathroom With Shower, Sink And Toilet, The Open Kitchen With 4 Induction Hobs, Individual Fridge, Coffee Maker, Kitchen Accessories And Crockery. I Share A Beautiful Closed Terrace. I Share A Washing Machine With Drying Lines I Live And Work (on Computer With Internet) In The Living Room (sofa Bed)

Private Room Bompas 200526-1Private Room Bompas 200526-2

Room In Mas Perpignan North

$33 /night
$277 /week
$498 /month

Private room | Bompas | 17 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

In lease mobility of 3 months, room available in a farmhouse, three bedrooms two bathrooms kitchen equipped.balcony terrace.

Entire Place Collioure 126078-1Entire Place Collioure 126078-2Entire Place Collioure 126078-3Entire Place Collioure 126078-4Entire Place Collioure 126078-5Entire Place Collioure 126078-6Entire Place Collioure 126078-7

Collioure Rental 20m From The Beach

$89 /night
$321 /week
$1375 /month

Entire place | Collioure (66190) | 32 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 2 sofa(s) bed(s)

Private Room Perpignan 15132-1Private Room Perpignan 15132-2Private Room Perpignan 15132-3Private Room Perpignan 15132-4Private Room Perpignan 15132-5Private Room Perpignan 15132-6Private Room Perpignan 15132-7Private Room Perpignan 15132-8Private Room Perpignan 15132-9Private Room Perpignan 15132-10Private Room Perpignan 15132-11Private Room Perpignan 15132-12Private Room Perpignan 15132-13Private Room Perpignan 15132-14

Beautiful Student Room Center Perpignan

$13 /night
$243 /week
$398 /month

Private room | Perpignan (66000) | 16 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

In a large old apartment with beautiful volumes beautiful sunny decoration overlooking the gardens there are 3 bedrooms in the apartment one is occupied by Anne the owner and one of the two bedrooms currently occupied by a young physiotherapist and can accommodate students or young employees the apartment very well placed in Perpignan in the city center in a quiet street, a quiet area bus stop is 20 m from the house for the university also (Arago high school district.)