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Garbejaire, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur : 341 homestays for rent

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Private Room Opio 253147-1Private Room Opio 253147-2Private Room Opio 253147-3Private Room Opio 253147-4Private Room Opio 253147-5Private Room Opio 253147-6Private Room Opio 253147-7

Large Furnished Room 25 M^2 In A Villa

$17 /night
$220 /week
$539 /month

Private room | Opio (06650) | 30 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

5 (3)
Private Room Antibes 30320-1Private Room Antibes 30320-2Private Room Antibes 30320-3Private Room Antibes 30320-4Private Room Antibes 30320-5Private Room Antibes 30320-6Private Room Antibes 30320-7

Room For Rent Homestay

$32 /night
$220 /week
$550 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Very Pleasant Room For Rent, Garden View, In A 4-room Apartment. Kitchen At Your Disposal I Like Having People Around. Am Very Available And Attentive If You Require.

5 (2)
Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-1Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-2Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-3Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-4Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-5Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-6Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-7Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-8Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-9Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-10Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-11Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-12

The White And Beige Loft

$55 /night
$275 /week
$649 /month

Flatshare | Le Cannet (06110)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s)

5 (1)
Private Room Antibes 266563-1Private Room Antibes 266563-2Private Room Antibes 266563-3Private Room Antibes 266563-4Private Room Antibes 266563-5Private Room Antibes 266563-6

Chambre A Mouer Pour L Ete

$19 /night
$131 /week
$550 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Bedroom with a bed, closet. Table, chair, tv for rent for the summer: June, July, August and September. Sheets and towels included. Bathroom and kitchen to share. Calm and discretion requested. Room cleaning to be done regularly. No party and visits. 2 washing machines per week.

Private Room Antibes 251244-1Private Room Antibes 251244-2Private Room Antibes 251244-3

Room For Rent

$25 /night
$165 /week
$473 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Hello I rent a room located at 2km from Antibes A bus stop is nearby with a passage every 20mn You have a bakery and pharmacy nearby A parking space can be available If you do not have a car, I can according to your wish, make you benefit from my services the WE. I am a friendly person, honest and listening. Your stay should be pleasant. Thank you

5 (3)
Private Room Le Cannet 250061-1Private Room Le Cannet 250061-2Private Room Le Cannet 250061-3Private Room Le Cannet 250061-4Private Room Le Cannet 250061-5Private Room Le Cannet 250061-6Private Room Le Cannet 250061-7Private Room Le Cannet 250061-8Private Room Le Cannet 250061-9Private Room Le Cannet 250061-10

Small Room In Loft

$33 /night
$275 /week
$550 /month

Private room | Le Cannet (06110)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Private Room Valbonne 240269-1Private Room Valbonne 240269-2Private Room Valbonne 240269-3Private Room Valbonne 240269-4Private Room Valbonne 240269-5

Room For Rent Near Valbonne Village

$14 /night
$102 /week
$512 /month

Private room | Valbonne (06560) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Antibes 186784-1Private Room Antibes 186784-2Private Room Antibes 186784-3Private Room Antibes 186784-4Private Room Antibes 186784-5

Room For Rent Antibes

$17 /night
$116 /week
$495 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 30 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

The Room Is Located In A 4 Bedroom Shared Apartment With All The Necessary Equipment And Well Maintained My Residence Is Non-smoking, Tenants Choose Newcomers Based On Their Behavior And Sociability

Entire Place Vallauris 246215-1Entire Place Vallauris 246215-2Entire Place Vallauris 246215-3Entire Place Vallauris 246215-4Entire Place Vallauris 246215-5Entire Place Vallauris 246215-6Entire Place Vallauris 246215-7Entire Place Vallauris 246215-8Entire Place Vallauris 246215-9Entire Place Vallauris 246215-10Entire Place Vallauris 246215-11Entire Place Vallauris 246215-12Entire Place Vallauris 246215-13Entire Place Vallauris 246215-14Entire Place Vallauris 246215-15Entire Place Vallauris 246215-16Entire Place Vallauris 246215-17Entire Place Vallauris 246215-18

Villa Harmony - Blue Lagoon

$110 /night
$539 /week
$1430 /month

Entire place | Vallauris (06220) | 40 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Private Room Vallauris 254239-1Private Room Vallauris 254239-2Private Room Vallauris 254239-3Private Room Vallauris 254239-4Private Room Vallauris 254239-5Private Room Vallauris 254239-6

Vallauris Center Room

$28 /night
$193 /week
$495 /month

Private room | Vallauris (06220) | 13 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Antibes 224166-1Private Room Antibes 224166-2Private Room Antibes 224166-3Private Room Antibes 224166-4Private Room Antibes 224166-5Private Room Antibes 224166-6Private Room Antibes 224166-7Private Room Antibes 224166-8Private Room Antibes 224166-9Private Room Antibes 224166-10Private Room Antibes 224166-11

Room In House For Seasonal And Student

$18 /night
$128 /week
$550 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 14 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Mougins 229524-1Entire Place Mougins 229524-2Entire Place Mougins 229524-3Entire Place Mougins 229524-4Entire Place Mougins 229524-5Entire Place Mougins 229524-6

Independent Chalet In Garden 2 Bedrooms

$39 /night
$275 /week
$825 /month

Entire place | Mougins (06250) | 32 M2

4 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Chalet in property with private garden space; 2 independent bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, fully equipped and quiet. Terrace and outdoor seating area, bbq. Swimming pool access possible (regulated schedule)

4.5 (2)
Private Room Valbonne 266997-1Private Room Valbonne 266997-2Private Room Valbonne 266997-3Private Room Valbonne 266997-4Private Room Valbonne 266997-5Private Room Valbonne 266997-6Private Room Valbonne 266997-7

Room In Villa With Swimming Pool 20 Min From Civ (bus)

$26 /night
$185 /week
$770 /month

Private room | Valbonne (06560) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

A refurbished bedroom in a single storey villa with swimming pool. The room has a large electrically adjustable desk and a personal wardrobe. A private bathroom will be reserved for you. We will be delighted to welcome a student, if possible Anglo-Saxon. We are a family of 3 including a 14 year old daughter who speaks fluent English. Our first 18-year-old daughter leaves to study and therefore leaves her room (without her belongings). The common areas are the living room / kitchen, the exteriors, and the toilets. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Arnaud, Chloe and Victoire

Entire Place Biot 206679-1Entire Place Biot 206679-2Entire Place Biot 206679-3Entire Place Biot 206679-4Entire Place Biot 206679-5Entire Place Biot 206679-6Entire Place Biot 206679-7Entire Place Biot 206679-8Entire Place Biot 206679-9Entire Place Biot 206679-10Entire Place Biot 206679-11Entire Place Biot 206679-12

Studio In Biot Quiet In Wooded Area

$61 /night
$380 /week
$1265 /month

Entire place | Biot | 20 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

For rent Independent studio 20m2 in villa in Biot in a quiet wooded area Ideally located between sea and mountain to visit the region. Sea Mountain Hiking Attractions Shows are not far away By car: Village with all shops 5 mins Media library Golf 5 mins Sophia Antipolis 10mn Sncf station / Sea / Marineland / Amusement Park 15 mins Nice-Cannes Airport 20mn Monaco / Italy /Ski /Valley of Wonders 1h Saint-Tropez 1h30

Entire Place Vallauris 209755-1Entire Place Vallauris 209755-2Entire Place Vallauris 209755-3Entire Place Vallauris 209755-4Entire Place Vallauris 209755-5Entire Place Vallauris 209755-6Entire Place Vallauris 209755-7Entire Place Vallauris 209755-8Entire Place Vallauris 209755-9Entire Place Vallauris 209755-10Entire Place Vallauris 209755-11Entire Place Vallauris 209755-12Entire Place Vallauris 209755-13Entire Place Vallauris 209755-14Entire Place Vallauris 209755-15Entire Place Vallauris 209755-16Entire Place Vallauris 209755-17Entire Place Vallauris 209755-18Entire Place Vallauris 209755-19

Villa Harmony - Red Carpet

$110 /night
$539 /week
$1430 /month

Entire place | Vallauris (06220) | 40 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Entire Place Antibes 256751-1Entire Place Antibes 256751-2Entire Place Antibes 256751-3Entire Place Antibes 256751-4Entire Place Antibes 256751-5Entire Place Antibes 256751-6Entire Place Antibes 256751-7Entire Place Antibes 256751-8Entire Place Antibes 256751-9Entire Place Antibes 256751-10Entire Place Antibes 256751-11Entire Place Antibes 256751-12

Roommate Sophia, New 2 Bedroom House With Garden

$22 /night
$156 /week
$693 /month

Entire place | Antibes (06600) | 50 M2

2 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Rent from September to June in shared accommodation only or 2 people at 630€ the room, 1260€ the whole house. House of 50 m2, 2 bedrooms, a large kitchen living room of 28 m2, bathroom with walk-in shower, separate WC. Comfortable with dishwasher and washing machine. Reversible air conditioning in all rooms. Small garden with garden table and chair + drying rack. bike awning. Closed by electric gate.

Private Room Antibes 85221-1Private Room Antibes 85221-2Private Room Antibes 85221-3Private Room Antibes 85221-4Private Room Antibes 85221-5Private Room Antibes 85221-6Private Room Antibes 85221-7Private Room Antibes 85221-8Private Room Antibes 85221-9Private Room Antibes 85221-10Private Room Antibes 85221-11Private Room Antibes 85221-12

Furnished Room For Rent In A Villa

$50 /night
$220 /week
$605 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

180 M² House In A Private And Closed Residence, Very Quiet Residential Area 10 Minutes From The City Center And 10 Minutes From Sophia Antipolis And Skema. Car Essential, Secure Free Parking, Single Bedroom On The First Floor Overlooking The Countryside, 12 M², Double Bed (130) On The Mezzanine (surf 3.6 M²), Sofa, Desk And Large Closet With Wardrobe. Bathroom WC Bath. All Charges Included With Wifi. Meals To Share On Request With Participation. Desired Student.

5 (2)
Entire Place Antibes 47925-1Entire Place Antibes 47925-2Entire Place Antibes 47925-3Entire Place Antibes 47925-4Entire Place Antibes 47925-5Entire Place Antibes 47925-6Entire Place Antibes 47925-7Entire Place Antibes 47925-8Entire Place Antibes 47925-9Entire Place Antibes 47925-10Entire Place Antibes 47925-11Entire Place Antibes 47925-12

Lower Detached Villa With Swimming Pool In Antibes - Ideal For

$297 /night
$2080 /week
$8319 /month

Entire place | Antibes (06600)

6 pers. | 3 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)