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Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-1Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-2Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-3Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-4

Room For Rent With The Dweller

$23 /night
$165 /week
$418 /month

Private room | Mouans-Sartoux (06370) | 1 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

I offer a room in a family house where I live alone but often have family and friends visiting. The room is small and overlooks the street. The house is large and has a nice garden. It is located in the heart of the village, close to the bus stops, the train station, the shops, the cinema, the sports halls etc. I have a cat. We can only smoke in the garden. No problem of parkin I have been hosting young students or trainees for 20 years.

Private Room Mougins 211534-1Private Room Mougins 211534-2Private Room Mougins 211534-3Private Room Mougins 211534-4Private Room Mougins 211534-5Private Room Mougins 211534-6Private Room Mougins 211534-7Private Room Mougins 211534-8Private Room Mougins 211534-9Private Room Mougins 211534-10

Rent Three Bedrooms In Villa In Mougins

$143 /night
$1001 /week
$4291 /month

Private room | Mougins | 50 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-1Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-2Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-3Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-4

Rent Villa Provençale Mouans Sartoux

$319 /night
$2237 /week
$9588 /month

Entire place | Mouans Sartoux (06370)

7 pers. | 4 room(s)

Private Room Cannes 246613-1Private Room Cannes 246613-2Private Room Cannes 246613-3Private Room Cannes 246613-4Private Room Cannes 246613-5

Room For Rent

$22 /night
$110 /week
$385 /month

Private room | Cannes (06400)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

5 (9)
Entire Place Grasse 266618-1Entire Place Grasse 266618-2Entire Place Grasse 266618-3Entire Place Grasse 266618-4Entire Place Grasse 266618-5Entire Place Grasse 266618-6Entire Place Grasse 266618-7

Charming Apartment Old Grasse - Tourist Street

$66 /night
$330 /week
$660 /month

Entire place | Grasse (06130) | 45 M2

3 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Grasse Charming 2/3 rooms for rent. In the heart of the world capital of perfumes in a tourist street close to museums and perfumeries (50m), shops and buses, -1 bedroom with 140 cm bed and fitted cupboard - 1 living room with fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave, coffee maker), TV - 1 alcove with a sofa bed 140 cm - 1 separate toilet and a shower room. In the heart of the Cote d'Azur: - 17 km from Cannes and the Palais des Festivals - 20 km from the sea and sandy beaches - 40 km from Nice - 37 km from Monaco Next to the train station and the bus station Animals Not Accepted, TO KNOW: the stairwell is very narrow and the apartment is on the 2nd floor without a lift The accommodation is not accessible to people with reduced mobility and not suitable for people with pushchairs and young children.

Private Room Cannes 246609-1Private Room Cannes 246609-2Private Room Cannes 246609-3Private Room Cannes 246609-4Private Room Cannes 246609-5Private Room Cannes 246609-6

Room For Rent

$33 /night
$220 /week
$825 /month

Private room | Cannes (06400)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

5 (1)
Entire Place Le Cannet 265672-1Entire Place Le Cannet 265672-2Entire Place Le Cannet 265672-3Entire Place Le Cannet 265672-4Entire Place Le Cannet 265672-5

Location Studio

$99 /night
$672 /week
$1045 /month

Entire place | Le Cannet (06110) | 20 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Rent In New Studio Villa, Independent Entrance, Central (supermarket, Bus, Cinema, Market, Medical Center ..) 10 Minutes By Car From Cannes, Direct Bus To SNCF Station, Indoor Smoker Not Allowed, RAPIDO Sleeping 16 Cm

5 (1)
Private Room Le Cannet 1798-1Private Room Le Cannet 1798-2Private Room Le Cannet 1798-3Private Room Le Cannet 1798-4Private Room Le Cannet 1798-5Private Room Le Cannet 1798-6Private Room Le Cannet 1798-7Private Room Le Cannet 1798-8Private Room Le Cannet 1798-9

Rooms For Rent - Quiet - In My House

$39 /night
$227 /week
$624 /month

Private room | Le Cannet (06110) | 15 M2

5 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Rent a room in my quiet house but close to all amenities, supermarket, local shops, bus that takes you downtown to Cannes. 10 minutes from the entrance to the highway. Free parking in the surrounding streets.

5 (4)
Private Room Cannes 248315-1Private Room Cannes 248315-2Private Room Cannes 248315-3Private Room Cannes 248315-4Private Room Cannes 248315-5Private Room Cannes 248315-6

Private Room For H Or Couple

$66 /night
$385 /week
$1045 /month

Private room | Cannes (06400) | 13 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Opio 253147-1Private Room Opio 253147-2Private Room Opio 253147-3Private Room Opio 253147-4Private Room Opio 253147-5Private Room Opio 253147-6Private Room Opio 253147-7

Large Furnished Room 25 M^2 In A Villa

$17 /night
$220 /week
$539 /month

Private room | Opio (06650) | 30 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

5 (3)
Private Room Cannes 156148-1Private Room Cannes 156148-2Private Room Cannes 156148-3Private Room Cannes 156148-4Private Room Cannes 156148-5

Bedroom 15 M² In Apartment 63 M²

$39 /night
$270 /week
$825 /month

Private room | Cannes (06400)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Grasse 113198-1Private Room Grasse 113198-2Private Room Grasse 113198-3

Very Large Panoramic Terrace Room

$99 /night
$429 /week
$759 /month

Private room | Grasse (06130)

3 pers. | 1 room(s)

Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-1Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-2Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-3Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-4Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-5Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-6Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-7Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-8Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-9Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-10Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-11Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-12

The White And Beige Loft

$55 /night
$275 /week
$649 /month

Flatshare | Le Cannet (06110)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s)

5 (1)
Private Room Le Cannet 239125-1Private Room Le Cannet 239125-2Private Room Le Cannet 239125-3Private Room Le Cannet 239125-4

Bright Private Room, 10 Mins From The Palais Des Festivals -

$68 /night
$451 /week
$1375 /month

Private room | Le Cannet (06110) | 11 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

5 (3)
Private Room Grasse 132941-1Private Room Grasse 132941-2

Room For Rent In House With Garden

$14 /night
$105 /week
$407 /month

Private room | Grasse | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

I am a civil servant and I live with my 20 year old son. We have a cat, two adorable dogs. We are a small, simple and friendly family. We respect everyone's place. The garden is pleasant on sunny days. While being in a very quiet place, we are close to amenities (supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, bus stop ....). Possibility to park a car near the home or garage for a 2 wheels. Fridge and microwave in the room.

5 (1)
Private Room Le Cannet 250061-1Private Room Le Cannet 250061-2Private Room Le Cannet 250061-3Private Room Le Cannet 250061-4Private Room Le Cannet 250061-5Private Room Le Cannet 250061-6Private Room Le Cannet 250061-7Private Room Le Cannet 250061-8Private Room Le Cannet 250061-9Private Room Le Cannet 250061-10

Small Room In Loft

$33 /night
$275 /week
$550 /month

Private room | Le Cannet (06110)

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Private Room Valbonne 240269-1Private Room Valbonne 240269-2Private Room Valbonne 240269-3Private Room Valbonne 240269-4Private Room Valbonne 240269-5

Room For Rent Near Valbonne Village

$14 /night
$102 /week
$512 /month

Private room | Valbonne (06560) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Le Cannet 244490-1Private Room Le Cannet 244490-2Private Room Le Cannet 244490-3Private Room Le Cannet 244490-4Private Room Le Cannet 244490-5Private Room Le Cannet 244490-6Private Room Le Cannet 244490-7Private Room Le Cannet 244490-8Private Room Le Cannet 244490-9Private Room Le Cannet 244490-10Private Room Le Cannet 244490-11

Room For Rent At Porte De Cannes

$88 /night
$616 /week
$1386 /month

Private room | Le Cannet (06110)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

5 (1)