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Private Room Opio 253147-1Private Room Opio 253147-2Private Room Opio 253147-3Private Room Opio 253147-4Private Room Opio 253147-5Private Room Opio 253147-6Private Room Opio 253147-7

Large Furnished Room 25 M^2 In A Villa

$17 /night
$220 /week
$540 /month

Private room | Opio (06650) | 30 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

5 (3)
Private Room Valbonne 240269-1Private Room Valbonne 240269-2Private Room Valbonne 240269-3Private Room Valbonne 240269-4Private Room Valbonne 240269-5

Room For Rent Near Valbonne Village

$14 /night
$102 /week
$512 /month

Private room | Valbonne (06560) | 12 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-1Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-2Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-3Private Room Mouans-Sartoux 253442-4

Room For Rent With The Dweller

$23 /night
$165 /week
$418 /month

Private room | Mouans-Sartoux (06370) | 1 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

I offer a room in a family house where I live alone but often have family and friends visiting. The room is small and overlooks the street. The house is large and has a nice garden. It is located in the heart of the village, close to the bus stops, the train station, the shops, the cinema, the sports halls etc. I have a cat. We can only smoke in the garden. No problem of parkin I have been hosting young students or trainees for 20 years.

Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-1Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-2Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-3Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-4Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-5Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-6Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-7Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-8Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-9Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-10Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-11Flatshare Le Cannet 164976-12

The White And Beige Loft

$55 /night
$275 /week
$650 /month

Flatshare | Le Cannet (06110)

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s)

5 (1)
Private Room Antibes 266563-1Private Room Antibes 266563-2Private Room Antibes 266563-3Private Room Antibes 266563-4Private Room Antibes 266563-5Private Room Antibes 266563-6

Chambre A Mouer Pour L Ete

$19 /night
$131 /week
$551 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 single bed(s)

Bedroom with a bed, closet. Table, chair, tv for rent for the summer: June, July, August and September. Sheets and towels included. Bathroom and kitchen to share. Calm and discretion requested. Room cleaning to be done regularly. No party and visits. 2 washing machines per week.

Private Room Grasse 132941-1Private Room Grasse 132941-2

Room For Rent In House With Garden

$14 /night
$105 /week
$407 /month

Private room | Grasse | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

I am a civil servant and I live with my 20 year old son. We have a cat, two adorable dogs. We are a small, simple and friendly family. We respect everyone's place. The garden is pleasant on sunny days. While being in a very quiet place, we are close to amenities (supermarket, pharmacy, bakery, bus stop ....). Possibility to park a car near the home or garage for a 2 wheels. Fridge and microwave in the room.

5 (1)
Entire Place Vallauris 246215-1Entire Place Vallauris 246215-2Entire Place Vallauris 246215-3Entire Place Vallauris 246215-4Entire Place Vallauris 246215-5Entire Place Vallauris 246215-6Entire Place Vallauris 246215-7Entire Place Vallauris 246215-8Entire Place Vallauris 246215-9Entire Place Vallauris 246215-10Entire Place Vallauris 246215-11Entire Place Vallauris 246215-12Entire Place Vallauris 246215-13Entire Place Vallauris 246215-14Entire Place Vallauris 246215-15Entire Place Vallauris 246215-16Entire Place Vallauris 246215-17Entire Place Vallauris 246215-18

Villa Harmony - Blue Lagoon

$110 /night
$540 /week
$1431 /month

Entire place | Vallauris (06220) | 40 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Private Room Antibes 224166-1Private Room Antibes 224166-2Private Room Antibes 224166-3Private Room Antibes 224166-4Private Room Antibes 224166-5Private Room Antibes 224166-6Private Room Antibes 224166-7Private Room Antibes 224166-8Private Room Antibes 224166-9Private Room Antibes 224166-10Private Room Antibes 224166-11

Room In House For Seasonal And Student

$18 /night
$128 /week
$551 /month

Private room | Antibes (06600) | 14 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Mougins 229524-1Entire Place Mougins 229524-2Entire Place Mougins 229524-3Entire Place Mougins 229524-4Entire Place Mougins 229524-5Entire Place Mougins 229524-6

Independent Chalet In Garden 2 Bedrooms

$39 /night
$275 /week
$826 /month

Entire place | Mougins (06250) | 32 M2

4 pers. | 2 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

Chalet in property with private garden space; 2 independent bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, fully equipped and quiet. Terrace and outdoor seating area, bbq. Swimming pool access possible (regulated schedule)

4.5 (2)
Entire Place Biot 206679-1Entire Place Biot 206679-2Entire Place Biot 206679-3Entire Place Biot 206679-4Entire Place Biot 206679-5Entire Place Biot 206679-6Entire Place Biot 206679-7Entire Place Biot 206679-8Entire Place Biot 206679-9Entire Place Biot 206679-10Entire Place Biot 206679-11Entire Place Biot 206679-12

Studio In Biot Quiet In Wooded Area

$61 /night
$380 /week
$1266 /month

Entire place | Biot | 20 M2

2 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

For rent Independent studio 20m2 in villa in Biot in a quiet wooded area Ideally located between sea and mountain to visit the region. Sea Mountain Hiking Attractions Shows are not far away By car: Village with all shops 5 mins Media library Golf 5 mins Sophia Antipolis 10mn Sncf station / Sea / Marineland / Amusement Park 15 mins Nice-Cannes Airport 20mn Monaco / Italy /Ski /Valley of Wonders 1h Saint-Tropez 1h30

Private Room Valbonne 266997-1Private Room Valbonne 266997-2Private Room Valbonne 266997-3Private Room Valbonne 266997-4Private Room Valbonne 266997-5Private Room Valbonne 266997-6

9.8m² Room In Villa With Swimming Pool 20 Min From Civ (bus)

$26 /night
$185 /week
$771 /month

Private room | Valbonne (06560) | 10 M2

1 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s)

A refurbished bedroom in a single storey villa with swimming pool. The room has a large electrically adjustable desk and a personal wardrobe. A private bathroom will be reserved for you. We would be delighted to welcome a student, if possible Anglo-Saxon. We are a family of 3 including a 14 year old daughter who speaks fluent English. Our first 18-year-old daughter leaves to study and therefore leaves her room (without her belongings). The common areas are the living room / kitchen, the exteriors, and the toilets. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Arnaud, Chloe and Victoire

Entire Place Vallauris 209755-1Entire Place Vallauris 209755-2Entire Place Vallauris 209755-3Entire Place Vallauris 209755-4Entire Place Vallauris 209755-5Entire Place Vallauris 209755-6Entire Place Vallauris 209755-7Entire Place Vallauris 209755-8Entire Place Vallauris 209755-9Entire Place Vallauris 209755-10Entire Place Vallauris 209755-11Entire Place Vallauris 209755-12Entire Place Vallauris 209755-13Entire Place Vallauris 209755-14Entire Place Vallauris 209755-15Entire Place Vallauris 209755-16Entire Place Vallauris 209755-17Entire Place Vallauris 209755-18Entire Place Vallauris 209755-19

Villa Harmony - Red Carpet

$110 /night
$540 /week
$1431 /month

Entire place | Vallauris (06220) | 40 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 1 double bed(s), 1 sofa(s) bed(s)

Private Room Mougins 211534-1Private Room Mougins 211534-2Private Room Mougins 211534-3Private Room Mougins 211534-4Private Room Mougins 211534-5Private Room Mougins 211534-6Private Room Mougins 211534-7Private Room Mougins 211534-8Private Room Mougins 211534-9Private Room Mougins 211534-10

Rent Three Bedrooms In Villa In Mougins

$143 /night
$1002 /week
$4294 /month

Private room | Mougins | 50 M2

4 pers. | 1 room(s) - 2 single bed(s), 1 double bed(s)

Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-1Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-2Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-3Entire Place Mouans Sartoux 8371-4

Rent Villa Provençale Mouans Sartoux

$319 /night
$2239 /week
$9595 /month

Entire place | Mouans Sartoux (06370)

7 pers. | 4 room(s)

Private Room Grasse 43046-1Private Room Grasse 43046-2Private Room Grasse 43046-3Private Room Grasse 43046-4Private Room Grasse 43046-5Private Room Grasse 43046-6Private Room Grasse 43046-7Private Room Grasse 43046-8

Guest Rooms On The French Riviera

$94 /night
$633 /week
$2362 /month

Private room | Grasse (06130)

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

Private Room Le Rouret 84685-1Private Room Le Rouret 84685-2Private Room Le Rouret 84685-3Private Room Le Rouret 84685-4Private Room Le Rouret 84685-5Private Room Le Rouret 84685-6Private Room Le Rouret 84685-7Private Room Le Rouret 84685-8

Guest Room For Rent In A Mas Provençal

$109 /night
$763 /week
$3270 /month

Private room | Le Rouret (06650)

2 pers. | 1 room(s)

Béatrice Et Alexandre
Private Room Mougins 44795-1Private Room Mougins 44795-2Private Room Mougins 44795-3Private Room Mougins 44795-4Private Room Mougins 44795-5Private Room Mougins 44795-6Private Room Mougins 44795-7Private Room Mougins 44795-8

Room For Rent With Panoramic View

$99 /night
$694 /week
$2973 /month

Private room | Mougins (06250)

1 pers. | 1 room(s)

Entire Place Biot 134939-1Entire Place Biot 134939-2Entire Place Biot 134939-3Entire Place Biot 134939-4

Studio Bleu

$94 /night
$661 /week
$2831 /month

Entire place | Biot

3 pers. | 1 room(s)